October 20th, 2009:

Beginner’s Guide Part 3: Promotion Methods

Now that you have tracking setup you are pretty much ready to start driving traffic.  You need a few more things in place before you get started.  Depending on which of these promotion methods you choose you may or may not need a website built to put your affiliate links on.

There are ways to make money with free methods of traffic generation as well as many paid methods.  We are going to talk briefly about many of the major methods to generate traffic.  My goal is to build guides around each method so we are just going to go over them in brief in this guide to get your started.

We’ll start off with one of the best free methods of traffic generation – article marketing.  Article marketing allows you to get your links out there for free by writing unique and informative articles and submitting them to article directories.  There is a resource box that allows you to post a link as a thank you for giving the site more content – this is where you will post your affiliate link.  You’ll want to get a domain name and redirect it so it doesn’t look like an affiliate link but it is.  We’ll talk more about this in a later guide but you can get started for free learning it at http://www.bummarketingmethod.com.

Another free way to generate traffic is by targeting keywords and going after SEO or Search engine optimization.  SEO is something I’ll cover in depth at a later date – trying to get you guy’s to know all of the terms before I go in depth with any of it.

Paid traffic is my preferred way of driving traffic because it’s very easy to track(which is why we setup that tracker) and because you can make it profitable by using that tracking.  The first method is PPC or Pay Per Click marketing and this is the bread and butter of a lot of affiliates.  With PPC you bid on keywords on the major search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing and your ad will appear in the sponsored results when those keywords are searched for.

You can also run CPV or cost per view traffic.  This is traffic that is acquired by paying adware companies – which is completely legal – it’s not SPYware but it’s ADware.  The people who have it installed got something free like a game or toolbar and knew that they would be shown ads periodically.  You can get these views for literally a penny so if you can target it properly it’s a great resource.

The final paid advertising I am going to talk about is media buying – media buying is one of the oldest ways to generate traffic.  You can either go through major networks and run on their entire list of sites or you can purchase banners on individual websites by contacting the owner.

All of these are powerful ways to generate traffic and I just wanted to take the time to introduce you to them.  For those of you that are looking for the more in depth tutorials on each keep checking back because they will be here soon!